The feeling is even worse when you notice the hair is not growing back. It hurts to see the circumference of your ponytail growing smaller. Also, your friends joking at your bald spot can be demeaning. Although hair loss is a natural process, it can be devastating regardless of age.

Good news is that there are treatment solutions for hair loss. Yes, treatments such as irestore laser hair growth system can help slow down or end hair thinning. Besides, you get your desired results without any side effects. Read on to learn more about laser hair growth system.

What it does

laser-therapy-for-hair-lossRed light laser therapy also called low-level laser therapy has been in use for centuries. It works by radiating photons into the scalp. The weak hair cells then absorb the photons hence encouraging hair growth. It also increases blood circulation in the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.

Physicians prefer it as its instructions are simple. Hence the patients can follow the directions without confusing. Besides it does not require your effort, and you can use it during your daily routine or while at home relaxing.

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Best Selling Laser Hair Growth System

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

The low-level laser hair therapy is safe. It meets all the requirements of the International Safety Standards. Besides, it gives off one precise color, thus, differs from the sunlight.

The columnated light beam ensures that the light concentrates in specific spots. The feature also ensures that the light penetrates the skin without any heat or side effects. Also, it allows its unique laser light to get into the scalp.

The laser therapy stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. The hair follicle thus gets sufficient nutrients. Therefore, it promotes the growth of healthy hair and increased hair volume. You can use it for any hair loss conditions.

The Theory behind the Therapy

As far back as in the 1960s, the low-level light treatment used to treat hair loss in both male and female. Physician Endre Mester was the first to discover the ability of laser light in stimulating hair growth. Today, the therapy is poplar, and physicians accept it as a hair loss regimen. They validate the effectiveness of laser therapy. They place their evidence in the past successful patients and other clinical trials.

The low-level light therapy gained mass acceptance from the public. World renown physicians such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery also accept its use.

Benefits of the Laser Therapy

laser-hair-restorationIrestore show that it is an incredible treatment option; it does not have any side effects. It is a simple treatment as it does not require your effort, and you can use it at home. Besides, you do not have to apply any messy solutions on your head. You also do not have to comb your hair.

Complying with the instructions is easy as the directions are simple. The treatment is safe, FDA cleared and useful for both men and women. Also, laser therapy is painless and non-invasive. The laser emissions works by stimulating blood flow into the scalp. Besides, research shows that blood increases by 54% after the first treatment. The hair follicles get the necessary nutrient which stimulate its growth and strengthens it.

The treatment shows 90% success as 90% of patient’s reports reduced hair loss. Besides, laser therapy increases hair strength and elasticity. Patients end up with thicker, fuller, softer, and shinier hair.

You can use laser therapy together with other treatments. For instance, patients of post-operative hair transplant can use laser treatment. It will help the transplanted hair follicles to strengthen and thrive. Thus, it speeds up the healing time. When used in conjunction with hair loss medications, it shows improved follicle strength.

Administering Laser Therapy

You can receive low-level laser hair therapy from the salon. You could also buy the equipment and do it at the comfort of your home. For quick results, physicians recommend two to three days of treatment every week.

You should expose your scalp to the light emitted by the low-level laser for 8 to 15 minutes. You should wear a cape or a bonnet during therapy. Furthermore, you could massage the scalp or incorporate other scalp treatments. That way you will increase the effectiveness of your therapy. Consistency is also key to fruitful therapy. You must ensure you have a routine of your sessions.

Irestore Laser Hair Growth System Reviews

-$150.00 OFF SaIe: iRestore Laser Hair Growth System - Essential - Laser Cap FDA Cleared Hair Loss Treatments: Hair Regrowth for Men and Women with Thinning Hair - Laser Helmet Laser Comb Hair Growth Products

It is a classy helmet hair laser engineered to be comfortable and breathable. Besides, its design allows it to fit in most heads. It will enable you to enjoy vast scalp coverage during your hair laser therapy at home. At the moment, the device has no competition in the market place.

So far, this revolutionary laser is the best. Its quality service reflects in an average of 4.8 out of the possible five stars. The number of irestore reviews is more than 10,000. FDA approves it as a quality treatment and medical device for the treatment of hair loss.

Does irestore work?

It is so far the best-selling laser hair treatment device with more than a million total sale. Doctors did numerous clinical tests on the irestore in a research study in 2017. The device demonstrated healthy hair regrowth in both men and women. 100% of patients practicing regular therapy sessions reported about 57% of hair regrowth.

Safety Assurance

Irestore laser hair growth system has medical-grade lasers also referred to as class 3R. It features light-emitting diodes which are FDA approved. Besides, there have been no reports of any side effects or damage to the customers.

However, you could damage the eyes if you stare directly at the lasers. The device features an inbuilt safety sensor. However, you should avoid looking directly at the lasers. The damage to the eyes is mild; thus, home remedies can treat it.

Furthermore, the laser does not emit any radiation or heat. The FDA approved it for its efficiency and safety.

Irestore Laser Therapy Efficiency

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System 2Everyone responds differently to the treatment. The same case applies to the laser hair system. The hair of customers reacted differently to the therapy. However, statistics show an improvement in hair growth. Irestore  show that 100% of patients reported 51% of hair regrowth with regular use.

Irestore engineers and studies done by doctors also show the efficacy of the device. The system has an optimal wavelength of 650nm red light. Studies on the light showed its ability to promote hair growth. LEDs radiate light, and 51 medical-grade lasers get absorbed by the hair follicle cells. Thus, it reenergizes the follicle boosting cell metabolism. Science proves that the design of the device guarantees efficacy in results.

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Treatment Period

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System 1You will notice changes within 2 to 4 months. However, the treatment period should last for six months. Ensure that your treatment is regular and consistent. Also, your treatment should continue to 6 months and not less.

Your laser hair loss treatment will take a while before you achieve your desired look. Besides, hair growth does not happen overnight. You shouldn’t rush the process otherwise you will stress your body. Stress could further slow the process. During the first two months, your thin hair will shade. Stronger and healthier hair will then grow.

5-6 months into the therapy, you should be able to see shinier and thicker hair. Thus, after six months, you will have irestore before and after look. Yes, you will get your look back. It’s not a fairy tale but a tested and proved fact.

How It Works

The hair goes through three stages. The Anagen, here it is rapidly growing. The catagen stage then follows, which is the transitional phase. Lastly, it is the telogen which is the resting stage. The hair does not grow at this point.

Laser hair therapy works by penetrating light energy into the hair follicles. It promotes energy production of the hair follicle cells. It also stimulates the metabolism of the cells. Hence, it counteracts the catagen and telogen stage. It lengthens the growth period and reactivates the follicle cells to keep growing.

User Reviews

I am fascinated by the result. It is just three months since I started using it.

Two months down the line and I can already see enough evidence to say the device works.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System 3 Buy from


  • Quality materials make the laser hair treatment device. Thus, it guarantees efficient and effective services for a long time.
  • The irestore laser device weighs only 1.74 pounds.
  • The helmet-like laser hair treatment has a design that makes it breathable. It also fits perfectly in most people. Thus, you can continue with your therapy while concentrating on other things.
  • Hand-free it does not require any effort from users. Have you used the laser bush or comb before? Then you know how inconvenient and tiring it is to keep combing your hair several times daily.
  • It is easy to use. You just put on the helmet and continue with your daily routine.


  • It is expensive.

Final Verdict

If you want a guaranteed solution to your hair loss treatment, then it is time to consider laser hair therapy. It assures long-term efficacy and safety. However, if your skin is sensitive to light, you should consult your doctor before considering the therapy measure.

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The information above will equip you with all you need to know about irestore laser hair treatment. No matter the angle you look at it from, this device is a must-have for that desired hair regrowth. You should also consult your doctor for advice.

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