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The 12 Best Lip Balm 2019 | Treatments For Chapped Lips

It is much easier to protect all the other parts of the face from sunburn, dry air and cold than it is to protect the lips. The lips are the most prone parts of the face to cracking and dryness. That is because the skin on the lips is much lighter than the skin on the other parts of your body.


10 Best Mascara Products For 2019 | Mascara Reviewed

After finding the best skin moisturizer and foundation, the next item to add to your beauty bag would be a mascara that does you justice. Mascara is a beauty product for the eyes that is made by black pigments that are joined together by a polymer. It has various oils and waxes that darken, intensify and thicken your eyelashes calling for more attention on the eyes.


9 Best Body Wash For Men 2019 | Who Want a Refreshing and Luxurious

How do you feel after having an extensive workout at the gym? Generally, your body sweats making your skin feel uncomfortable. To get rid of the awkward feeling, you go to the bathroom and have a shower. When it comes to skincare, everyone tries to get rid of sweat, oil, and dirt.


How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags | How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Have you ever had a look at your face in the mirror and noticed your eyes are puffy and have eye bags? It is never a look you want to carry around. But how do you get rid of these eye bags? Just like any ailment, to get the cure of anything you first need to ascertain the origin and cause.


How To Shape Eyebrows | Tips for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

For a gorgeous look, you must pay attention to every detail of your face. Every detail, every shape and every makeup you put on your face should bring out the best in you.


Best Makeup Brushes Foundation, Powder & More 2019

A face with nicely laid out makeup looks gorgeous. Anyone walking around with a face that looks shiny, healthy, glamorous feels not only confident but glowing too.

Dry Skin

10 Best Foundation for Dry Skin 2019 Reviews

Did you know that according to statistics, for every 1,000 people, 31 of them struggle with dry or itchy skin? In the United States of America, one out of 32 people suffers from dry skin. It is equivalent to an estimate of 8.4 million people.


15 Best Concealer 2019 Reviews | For All Skin Type

We all do not grow up with smooth even skins. A long the way as we get older or even in our teens, our faces develop acne, zits, dryness, splotchy, scarring, black spots and many other things. When we are tired, it shows on the under-eyes. We want to hide all these imperfections and look good to the outside world while at the same time feel good about ourselves.


10 Best Eye Cream 2019 Reviews (For Every Eye Concern)

When it comes to beauty, skin care and cosmetics, eye creams rarely get the same popularity as the other products. However taking care of the skin around the eyes is as important as taking care of every other part of your body.


Elf Acne Fighting Foundation: Foundation for Your Acne-Prone Skin

“Extended contact with makeup on the skin can lead to irritation, inflammation, and more acne breakouts,” says Joshua Zeichner MD, Director of Cosmetic & Clinic Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital.