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Best Eyeliner 2019 | Waterproof Eyeliner That Won’t Smudge

Eyes can say a lot about a person and that is the reason people call them the windows to our souls. If you are tired, the fatigue shows on the eyes in the form of eye bags and black circles.


10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes | Eye Makeup Palettes For 2019

I know many of you have heard this phrase; “The eyes are the mirrors of the soul”. What this simply means is that besides playing one of the most important roles in everyone’s life, one can tell a lot about another person by just looking at the eyes.


15 Best Body Wash For Acne Prone Skin On Your Back & Chest

Anywhere you have sebaceous glands and hair follicles is a place where acne can develop. The issue is that your pores clog with dead skin, bacteria, and oil.


12 Best Pore Minimizer on 2019 To Reduce Your Large Pores

When caring for our skins, dealing with a big pore might not seem like an issue compared to preventing wrinkles or fighting acne. But for most people, finding a way to get rid of these pores can be a time and money consuming routine.


10 Best Lip Plumper Glosses For 2019 | Lip Plumper Review

Lip plumpers are an instant and cheap way to get bee-stung-like and fuller lips like Angelina Jolie – no injections necessary.


9 Best Foundation for Acne Skin For Complete Coverage On 2019

Very few men and women including teenagers can claim to have never experienced acne at one time or the other. Acne is a common problem that is not only annoying but can also get out of hand.


19 Best Makeup Removers For 2019 Reviews & Guide

It is an unwritten rule that you should remove all the makeup you had earlier on applied during the day. Failing to remove your makeup before sleeping could potentially cause some irreversible damage to your skin.

Oily Skin

The 10 Best Primer For Oily Skin And Large Pores 2019 Reviews

Have you ever used a foundation that made your pores appear to be larger and the makeup look like glue stuck on the face? 


14 Best tweezers For Hair Removal — 2019 Reviews

Everyone wants the perfect looking eyebrows and a face that is free from any misplaced hairs. Nobody wants errant chin hair or ingrown hair on their bikini line.


12 Best Makeup Primers 2019 Review | That Are Worth Your Money

Everyone wants to step out with makeup that looks flawless and beautiful. You want to feel good about yourself when you have the best makeup on and you obviously want everyone that looks at wow to notice too.